The Lyme Community has Lost a True Hero, RIP Dr John Hoffmann

The Lyme Community has Lost a True Hero, RIP Dr John Hoffmanndeath

Today we mourn as we find out about a Wisconsin’s beloved Lyme doctor’s passing. Dr John Hoffman was an “angel in a cowboy hat and boots” as many called him. A true country doctor that would take in patients from all over the US for minimal fees, make house calls and sit with patients outside his office to feed the birds, chipmunks and squirrels. Heaven has truly gained an angel.

Services will be held at St. Killians Parish in Hartford thurs 4-7. The address is 428 Forest St, Hartford, WI 53027

Mike Nichols wrote this touching eulogy for Dr Hoffmann.

Dear Lyme Community,

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Dr. John G. Hoffmann. “Doc” as he was affectionately called by everyone will be greatly missed. Dr. Hoffmann’s remarkable life and caring was taken on May 7th 2017.

Dr. Hoffmann successfully treated thousands of lyme patients over the years. His labor of love for his patients often came at great personal cost to himself. In those trying times the lyme community rallied around the man who sacrificed so much. I recall vividly the outpouring of letters and support from Mom’s and Dad’s thankful that their wheelchair bound children could run on the track team again or their child that had lost the ability to speak in complete sentences was now an honor student. He pulled dozens of children out of wheelchairs. Hundreds of these letters and testimonials to Dr. Hoffmann were placed into a binder and given to him many years ago so he knew how much everyone loved and appreciated him. I wonder how many disabled children his detractors pulled from wheelchairs ?

Broken bodies and crushed spirits hobbling down the steps of his tiny basement office to regain the hope that we had all lost so long ago. A $125 office visit so your child could walk again. Many could not afford even this token amount. Doc would get paid in chickens and be thankful for the eggs.

Dr. Hoffmann offered three things to all his patients. Calm, hope, and finally, healing. His quiet confidence, his fatherly knowledge, his straight talk, his cowboy boots and hat presented a man genuine in spirit and compassionate in heart. He afforded himself the luxury of a two-week hunting vacation each fall out west. Riding Amtrak, viewing the wide expanse of the western United States while the size paled in comparison to the diameters of his heart.

Dr. Hoffmann’s own lyme disease battle had a resurgence several months ago but he never wavered in treating his patients. We all owe our lives and the lives of our loved ones to Dr. John Gregory Hoffmann.

There is only one “Doc”. There will be no other.

With sincerity and great appreciation,
Your Friends

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